8 Slices : Running A Pizza Parlor Is Not All Aobut The Dough (DVD)


Oscar Wild has created a utopia in his pizza parlor by financially rewarding his employees for reading dense, philosophical books. So much so, each employee changes their name and takes on the nom de guerre of famous existential literary giants (with characters named Jack Berouac, Ann Rann, Albert Kamoo, and Wendy Wittgenstein). The pizza parlor ended up on a Reddit’s “Top Ten Best Places to Work in the Service Industry,” which caught the attention of Sam Zander, a YouTube star famous for “bashing” people and top tens. With the restaurant on the verge of closing, Sam has arrived at an optimal time to “bash” an already sinking ship, but when he starts to see the real human connection the restaurant employees show him and each other, he discovers how “likes,” “shares,” and “subscriptions” are empty calories compared to 8 slices of pizza.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781970139471
UPC: 095163891114
Produced by: Bridgestone MultiMedia
Binding: Video DVD
Published: April 2020
Publisher: Bridgestone MultiMedia Group


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