She Needs : Women Flourishing In The Church


Many gifted women have limited opportunities for using their diverse and important talents in a church setting. In contrast, their male counterparts have a clear pathway to receive training to become Pastors.

Written by Nay Dawson, She Needs intends to open the discussion between women and their church leaders to explore the benefits of women using their unique skills to enrich the church and its community. Nay is passionate about women flourishing in the church and is the Founder of Passion for Evangelism, a network of creative, public female evangelists.

Whether your church considers all roles open to women or considers there to be a biblical distinction in gender roles, She Needs will help you initiate healthy conversations about women using their gifts to enrich the life of your church. This will in turn open a space for women to start using their skills to build up the church.

Honest and hard-hitting chapters are dovetailed with stories from women who love the church, and practical discussion questions to make sure that this important conversation continues to move forward.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781789744521
ISBN10: 1789744520
Nay Dawson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2024
Publisher: InterVarsity Press

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