Set In Stone


From the time she was little, Martha Jankowski has been digging in the dirt, much to the dismay of her mother. Now, she dreams of being a paleontologist and is determined to make her parents proud by uncovering the next big discovery. When Martha finds what she hopes to be a fully intact dinosaur skeleton–one that that could win her an acclaimed exhibit–she learns another team is competing against her and could steal her chance at being recognized for this momentous discovery.

Paleontology student Jacob Duncan has fulfilled his dream of digging for dinosaur bones at last. In a race against time, he and his team are bent on unearthing a complete skeleton to claim a museum exhibit with their names on it. But when Jacob meets their charming competitor Martha and uncovers foul play within his team, love and danger grow hand in hand until a menacing ruse threatens to destroy it all.

This enrapturing historical novel from bestselling author Kimberley Woodhouse transports you to the nineteenth-century Bone Wars-era, where adventure and romance combine to create an irresistible tale.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780764241697
ISBN10: 0764241699
Kimberley Woodhouse
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2024
Treasures Of The Earth # 2
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers


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