Breath Of Life 3 DVD Set (DVD)


3-Part DVD Set (1 package with 3 DVDs)

Every breath we take is a miracle and tells us something profound about the nature of God. From the award-winning Kooman Brothers (She Has A Name, Dream) Breath of Life features leading voices from the worlds of faith and creativity.

Episode 1 DVD: The First Breath that shaped humanity took place in the Garden of Eden, when God breathed His living Spirit into Adam. With stunning cinematography and an unforgettable score, the filmmakers invite audiences to see the Genesis creation story like they never have before. What does it really mean to be made in God’s image? How can we inhale the living breath of God and exhale it into the world?

Episode 2 DVD: The Second Breath that shaped humanity came from the lungs of Jesus as He died on the cross. The fate of humanity hinges upon this “It is finished” moment because the final breath of Christ on the cross was the breath of redemption for all humanity who believe in Him.

Episode 3 DVD: The Third Breath that shaped humanity was breathed by Jesus upon His disciples after He rose from the dead having conquered sin and death. This farthest reaching breath of God is still the greatest and most invaluable gift available to humanity. Explore what it means to be filled with the resurrection power of God and experience the living breath of God’s Spirit in your daily life.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780578388694
UPC: 195893904891
Produced by: Kooman Brothers
Binding: Video DVD
Published: April 2022
Publisher: Red Arrow Media


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